• Sims

    Aspen & Tyler Floren

    Aspen & Tyler's father left when Tyler was born & hasn't been seen since. Their mother worked hard to support them, before dying of cancer 1yr ago. Aspen fought to get guardianship of Tyler & won. She took the changes well, still believing in family & love. Tyler, however, has taken to stealing to cope w/everything. They are now 17 and 12, living week to week, surviving as best they can, by each other's side.

  • Builds

    Cove Garden Starter Home

    This cute little, fully functional, Sims 4 base game starter home comes in at $18,531 simoleons. It includes one bedroom with a double bed, a full-size bathroom with a tub/shower combo, as well as an open plan living, dining, and kitchen area. You even have a quaint little garden row outback with a chess table for lazy afternoon games on the back porch. A great place for a single sim or couple looking to start a new life or settle down for retirement. Bedrooms: 1 (w/double bed)Bathrooms: 1 (full size w/ shower/tub combo)Areas: Living Area – Kitchen – Dinging – Front & Back PorchesSkills: Gardening, Logic (chess), Books, Cooking Gallery…

  • Red Splash Micro Home

    Red Splash Mirco Home

    In honour of the new “Tiny Living Stuff Pack” I’ve created a micro-home to celebrate. This tiny home was also submitted to #MsGryphi for her #SquishToursMicro challenge. With the new pack, you get a number of new Build/Buy items, which are rather cute and some have been used in this build, such as the Murphy Bed. However, what I was most excited about were the new lot traits! These new traits allow you to count the number of tiles your build has, as well as giving you extra boosts with it for the three size tiers. For this build, I used the smallest lot size, which is the 32 or…