• Sims

    Aspen & Tyler Floren

    Aspen & Tyler's father left when Tyler was born & hasn't been seen since. Their mother worked hard to support them, before dying of cancer 1yr ago. Aspen fought to get guardianship of Tyler & won. She took the changes well, still believing in family & love. Tyler, however, has taken to stealing to cope w/everything. They are now 17 and 12, living week to week, surviving as best they can, by each other's side.

  • Builds

    Cove Garden Starter Home

    This cute little, fully functional, Sims 4 base game starter home comes in at $18,531 simoleons. It includes one bedroom with a double bed, a full-size bathroom with a tub/shower combo, as well as an open plan living, dining, and kitchen area. You even have a quaint little garden row outback with a chess table for lazy afternoon games on the back porch. A great place for a single sim or couple looking to start a new life or settle down for retirement. Bedrooms: 1 (w/double bed)Bathrooms: 1 (full size w/ shower/tub combo)Areas: Living Area – Kitchen – Dinging – Front & Back PorchesSkills: Gardening, Logic (chess), Books, Cooking Gallery…