Aspen & Tyler Floren

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Aspen grew up in a sometimes rough household. Her father was often gone drinking and gambling. Though her mother was always loving and supportive, her father was often verbally abusive to her and her mother. Aspen’s mother often worked more than one job to keep the family in a home. When Tyler was born, however, their father left them all and has not been heard from since.

Aspen and Tyler are the closest two siblings could be. Growing up they always stuck together as their mother worked two jobs. Even tired their mother tried her best to keep things lighthearted and loving.

However, their mother was diagnosed with cancer when Tyler was 10 and Aspen 15. They all fought hard, but in the end their mother died only a year ago.

Aspen fought hard to keep both herself and her brother out of foster care. The judge in the case was firm but fair and Aspen won guardianship of Tyler… under certain conditions.

First, both Aspen and Tyler have to stay in school and continue to get As and Bs, and both must graduate.
Second, Aspen was required to get a job and make sure she provided enough financial support to keep them both in a home and healthy.
Thirdly, there are to be no criminal or juvenile offences, nor any weak reports from their school.
Fourth, they are to be visited by Social Services once every two weeks to be evaluated and must get positive reviews.

If these stipulations are met, when Aspen is 18 she will have the chance to actually adopt Tyler, and when that happens it will be even harder to separate them legally.

Fortunately, their mother did manage to leave them a small savings that allowed them to get a head start on finances. This meant, that at the moment, they are able to stay in their family home. Yet despite this, their money is dwindling and they have taken to selling unnecessary items in the home.

With graduation barely a year away for Aspen, she is hoping to get a better, more long term job to sustain them. Even with all she has been through, Aspen has come out of it loving life and wants a big happy family.

There is one issue though, Tyler. Ever since their mother’s death, he has become withdrawn and has taken to stealing. So far Aspen is the only one who knows, but Tyler is becoming worse. Despite their close relationship and surviving, he’s acting out more.

Now Aspen worries she may not be able to keep Tyler’s stealing a secret, and will not be able to keep him from going down a darker path. She may yet lose her fight to keep them together, even though they are so close to the finish line.

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Gallery Sims Name: Aspen & Tyler Floren

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